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Monday, 2 July 2012

More painted Dust Tactics Squads

Since the release of Dust Warfare, I've been busy painting up some of the Dust Tactics miniatures in my back catalogue.

I love Dust Tactics and Warfare is a great ruleset too, but it's not the absolute be-all and end-all for me. It's quick and fun with a surprising capacity for real strategic depth. Unfortunately, despite a novel game mechanic, (in my limited experience) and lovely presentation, the rulebook itself is a mess in terms of functionality and layout.

For a balanced review, go and see one of my favourite reads on the blogosphere, Frontline Gamer. In the meantime, here are a few pictures of my Allied minis for Dust Tactics/Warfare. I've only photographed the ones which are both painted and completely based, so this is a small selection while I wait for the Vallejo brown earth to dry on the others:

"Who's that? Jervis Johnson? No, I still haven't forgiven you for the last 3 editions of Warhammer Fantasy. Yes, I'm playing Dust instead now. Are you...? Dude, are you crying?"

Actually, I was just going to say that in this month's Standard Bearer column, I ...

"Piss off Jervis and take that fucking Storm of magic with you on the way out!"

"Righto! (It's probably for the best).

Ozz 117's flamethrower bears an unfortunate resemblance to some kind of petrol-driven sex aid.

"I'm the leader because I'm pointing like this. See?"

"Well, this is nice. So... um... what do we do now?"
"Sir, we could shoot some monkeys sir."
"Private? I like your thinking. To the zoo!"

"The humans approach my brothers. Now is the time for our emancipation! Now is the time to rise up and show the oppressors our true intellect! Now is the time to.... hold on  a cunting minute, is that dude holding a banana? Hey you, over here! Look, I'm playing with myself in an amusing manner and throwing shit at the cage bars! (Ook, ook, etc...)"

And that 's pretty much how my first game of Dust Warfare went down. Peace out, y'all.

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