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Monday, 18 July 2011

UK Throne of Skulls October 2011 oversubscribed

Games Sweatshop have done it again!

Throne of skullf-d
Some people playing Warhammer with a right cunt, yesterday.

ho would have thought that such a short time after making the
potentially fatal move from White metal to play-dough as their main casting medium,
that they would be sporting enough to provide every hero-phobic, cynical wargaming blogger
with yet more material to whinge about.

They truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

It transpires that in the throes of excitement caused by the massive demand for tickets to the above named event, Games Sweatshop staff
sold too many tickets for the single date on offer. Here’s an unbiased view on the proceedings from the impartially named ‘Bolter and Chainsword’ forum; a meeting of the minds for those who recognise the value of the many and diverse gaming systems that populate our hobby:
Due to massive demand for the October 40,000 Throne of Skulls event the Warhammer World Events Team have agreed to run another Throne of Skulls event on 22nd & 23rd October 2011.
Watch this space for a release date. Tickets will be limited in number so get yours quick!

As you can see, Games Sweatshop holding a second date is obviously a massive favour to those who spent their hard-earned cash, (or their Mum and Dad’s) on tickets that they rather unreasonably assumed would be honoured on the date and time printed thereon (?!)We caught up with our go to guy at the Sweatshop, founding member Jarvil McJaundice for his views:

Jarvon McJohnso, yesterday
“Well obviously, I don’t give a fuck.”

Thanks Jarvot. Join us next week for an update on Games day 2011, which many of you will be attending in 2014 due to an oversubscription caused by impetuous ticket sales/money-grabbing.


Sorrowshard said...

Lol, one is amused, if they try and move the date on me I will kick off big time, already had the long weekend booked plus the hotel.... Apoplexy loading......loading.......*click*

one day gingers will rule the earth said...

I hope they don't try it on you guv, (for their sake!).

An acquaintance of mine has been into the Glasgow store to complain about the fact that he's also booked a long weekend's holiday from work with accommodation.

He was told that the store wasn't an appropriate place to voice his complaint. If it was me, I would have dropped trow and laid a steaming Glaswegian's egg on their carpet in full view of all present.

Sorrowshard said...

As much as the egg amuses me, I think someone was asking, nay,Begging for a Glaswegian kiss, "stitch that laddie" *SPLUT*