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Friday, 27 May 2011

Vor the maelstrom - the straw the broke the camel's back

I never actually played this game back in the day, but I remember it as my first experience of discovering a system that was nothing to do with Games Workshop.

My friend Freddy had a pile of rulebooks and comics below his desk in work when I was posted there on a University placement. He let me read his Shard forcebook, (as well as the copious number of comics stored below his desk) and told me all about his experiences with the game at our club, G3.

I can't stress this enough: VOR has simply the best background fluff of any games system. It has long been credited as one of the most intuitive and customisable rulesets ever written and is just plain sexy.

You can imagine my happiness when I was in Static Games, Glasgow the other day and picked up these 5 Vor books for £1 each:

Now being a bit OCD, I've decided that I obviously don't have enough to do and have decided to revive this game in all its glory. I'm going to do so by converting and sculpting my own models for both Pharon and Shard factions, then taking it to G3 in Glasgow where a few people will look at it in bewilderment, then go and play Warmachine.

If you want to join me, then a lovely bloke called Paul at Ral Partha Europe Ltd prints the entire range of rulebooks and most of the original minis, (which are a bit dated, but still cool). If you're in the States, the Iron Wind Metals are your go to guys.

Pig Iron miniatures and Wargames Factory will form the basis for my Union and Neo Sov forces, with Privateer Press Trollbloods being a good stand-in for Growlers. No clue about Zhykee as yet, but watch this space. Once Gary's Titan is completed, it'll be VOR central for a while.

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in which Andy P travelled 340 miles to lose every game he played. I've still got the Sportsmanship, or more accurately, Not Storming Off In A Childish Huff prize.