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Monday, 20 June 2011

The 'Depth' of 40k tactics?????

Sorry everybody, but I've only just read a blog post that made me want to poo out enough polystyrene packaging to re-box the plethora of white goods in my kitchen and those of my neighbours on either side.

The blog - which shall remain nameless - made reference to how they were showcasing the 'depth' of 40k tactics.

Fair enough.

Here's the Dark end of the Street's illustration of 40k's tactical depth:

Gamers are strongly advised to play this system for fun, or at the very least out of a sense of obligation and abject denial of the many tactically superior ones readily available.

Under no circumstances should gamers dive into this system at any time without considering the fact that they will probably sell all their stuff on ebay when they discover Malifaux, warmachine and infinity.

In addition, the Dark end of the Street requests that gamers do not run along the side of the game system and remember to swim in a complimentary direction to other players at all times.

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