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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dust Tactics revamp after less than a year?

Part of me - specifically the part that has grown up being betrayed by Games Sweatshop and Privateer, (notice how I left the 'press' part out? That's not an accident) wants to scream 'Shenanigans!' and 'Money grabbing bastards!' or write a self-indulgent rant where I stick Rebeccah Black's head on the head of a Dust Tactics character from the box-set cover and waste 5 minutes of everyone's life.

I'm as shocked as you're going to be with this realisation, but here goes:

I think this is a really well managed and customer-friendly corporate decision.

Think about it:

Core game rules are the same, only points values have been changed

New points values are provided free on the FFG site for those who don't want to buy the unnecessary updated cards for existing models

You get a brand new scenario book

You get exclusive new models for both factions that introduce troop and vehicle classes hitherto unexplored in the official rules

It's cheaper than the original

Did I mention that it's cheaper than the original?

I think this is a serious win: a game update that you don't necessarily need, but will probably want in any case. Well done to you again, fantasy flight. Let's hope Games Workshop are watching your progress closely and learning from your example!


Martin said...

And there seems to be only a few overlapping miniatures, so you can easily get this box even if you have the original.

The way I see it however is that FFG took over Dust Tactics very late in the production cycle and everything was pretty much locked in. That being the case I'm sure there were a lot of things that FFG would have done differently if they'd developed it themselves from the beginning.

I see this revised edition simply as what FFG would have liked to have done in the first place. Namely, a bit more sci fi, smaller box and cheaper and with (hopefully) better scenarios.

I didn't pick up the original box, but I might get this one. That is if I can fit it into my painting and modelling scheadule. Hehe!

grumhelden said...

Bitch! Wheres the Boobage? Call your self a Secretary? I wanted boobies!

Good move on FFG's part though, hot on teh heels of the price drop on teh Gears of War game. See, that right there? Thats the dictionary definition of redundancy...a Gears of War boardgame...more pointless than a creationist trolling Richard Dawkins.

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