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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Holy shit. Wargames are eating my bank account!

Let's see what's going down this month:

Secrets of 3rd reich stuff: sold in its entirety on ebay, (except my incursion stuff and core rules, obviously!)

My copy of space hulk: sold on ebay

Some confrontation stuff, (but not all...): sold on ebay

All this effort was for one purpose; to buy the new Dust Tactics releases at the end of this month. I made sure that I had enough for my 3rd wedding anniversary first, (no point in playing wargames and talking about how big your cock is when it's been chopped off and sold to a wandering minstrel) and the rest of the month's expenses.

I was happy; content that I had managed my finances for once when this news appeared on TGN:

Incursion SNAFU pre-order deal

You fucking bastards. You lovely, fucking evil, beautiful bastards.

Now I have to have it.

I love Dust, but Incursion is something of a passion of mine, (I love SOTR as well, but the models are mostly utter poo. If they were closer to warlord's standard, then I'd be happy to fork out for them, but as it is, I'll just convert my own!) and the deal that they're offering is really, really good :(

Here's the big dilemma in a nutshell:

Dust releases this month, (Fantasy flight have an appalling track record for reprinting products once they sell out)

or Incursion? (If I get everything in one, fell swoop as part of this deal, then I don't need to trawl around fleabay and maelstrom games paying exorbitant prices and I have everything I need!)


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