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Monday, 25 April 2011

Scenario 3

Apologies for taking a rather long, protracted break from the campaign, but I've been busy.

Ok, so I've been sitting around with my hand down my pants watching the wire for the 3rd time, but it still makes it damn difficult to type.

Here are some well fuzzy pics of our battle, (innit?) courtesy of my regular Dust opponent, Scott. What I must inform you of though, is that Scott was our photographer for the event and handed the reigns of his Axis monkey-lovers over to our new collaborator, Liam.

As can clearly be seen, I have opted to bring my walkers onto the board first. My objective is to blow a big hole in the Axis base's wall and land a unit in their deployment zone where it must remain until turn 8.
The tricky part is blowing a hole in the wall without getting killed. The other tricky part is keeping your unit alive in the enemy deployment zone.

Ok, so it's all tricky, but that's why you play, right? Otherwise you'd just buy 'Ludo' or 'Trivial pursuit', (and sit around groaning and mumbling while your fucking smart-arse brother in law answers all the arsey questions about science and economics while you sit there hoping for one about who the fluffer was in 'Shaving Ryan's privates')

Liam opted quite wisely for being a really sneaky little shit and sitting behind the walls of his base, waiting for me to walk up and eat big bucketloads of Axis wunderlead.

Here are some pictures of me obliging him:

I've often found that the best way to punch a hole in the Defender's wall is to grab a dead hard infantry unit like the BBQ squad and just cunt it right up the board into the little nook created by the juncture of two terrain pieces on the defender's left flank.
The flank shelters them from defending fire for the most part and anyone that wants to clear them out of there is going to have to leave the comfort and security of the base to do so. To that end, I covered them with Recon boys hanging in the rear and a pounder near my deployment zone to discourage panzerwalkers from showing their ugly faces.
Hot Dog and my gunners belted it up my left flank to take pot shots at the wall on that side and divide the Axis defenders between attacking two balanced forces.

That strategy helped me to arrive at this position:

As you can see, my BBQ squad are snug in their little corner; casually taking potshots at the wall with their Demo charges while Sigrid, the battle grenadiers and laser grenadiers are focusing all their efforts on staying alive, like so:

The recon rangers and laser grenadiers annihilated one another while Sigrid and her battle grenadiers exchanged shots with the gunners. Things were getting so desperate on the Axis side that Liam pulled his Recon grenadiers from their sentry duty behind their section of wall and threw them toward the fighting in an effort to hold the centre. Joe and the untouched BBQ squad continued to blast the wall with demo charges while the Ludwig hung around behind their targetted section; as welcome as a hard-on at a leapfrogging competition.

In the next turn, Liam's recon grenadiers lost a 'living' contest with Hot Dog as its napalm thrower incinerated 4/5ths of their number in a gout of fail-cake baking flame. Sigrid and her remaining Battle Grenadier had taken cover behind a tank trap, but Hot Dog hosed them with combined fire from its .30 and .50cals; killing Sigrid and leaving a panzerfaust wielding sausage-muncher ready to pay it back in kind. Joe resorted to using one of his personal allocation of scenario-specific demo charges to blow up that damned section of wall at last, leaving one for the BBQ squad to use, should Ludwig rear his ugly head!!!

The last turn of the game saw my final gunner looking a bit bored, then running aimlessly at a nearby section of wall where he used a demo charge for the sheer hell of it. Joe and the BBQ squad added insult to injury, then another small dose of insult, (just for good measure) by running through the gap and smashing Ludwig's robo-tits off with the BBQ squad's flamethrower and final demo charge.

It was an ugly battle, but the ugliest part was yet to come...


lotrhithero said...

LOl nice, did Ludwig not move all game?

one day gingers will rule the earth said...

He moved vertically once the demo charges blasted him into orbit ;)

Zombie Ad said...

I really like the look of DUST but I went the Incursion route for my 1st Weird World War 2 sorte. That'd be the...erm..zombies. Will keep my eye on this though.

one day gingers will rule the earth said...

You should man. We're getting more WW2 zombies for Dust in an upcoming expansion.

Incursion took my weird world war 2 cherry as well man. Can't resist those zombs...