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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Axis robots winter camo: Painting like a mofo part II

I allowed the whitewash to dry in fully from last night then unpacked my airbrush, compressor, spray booth and 12 inch, studded dildo, (for afters).

I started with Ludwig from the boxed set, as I was chomping at the bit to see how the masking tape technique would work out, (also, I could try my 12 inch, studded dildo afterwards.):

He looked so crisp and neat compared to my usual vehicles, (which are Ork vehicles) that my heart was in my mouth at the prospect of dirtying the model up.

Very soon common sense prevailed and sent me a short telegram reading something along the lines of:

Dear Dark end,

Grow the fuck up. It's a toy robot out of Static, not the sistine chapel fucking roof,

Yours sincerely,

Common sense

p.s. We should really talk more often you know. Oh, restraint and self control say 'hi'.

That short, yet still overly elaborate metaphorical interlude aside, I was now in the position to blast fuck out of all three robots with a coat of lovely, lovely vallejo smoke wash.

MMmmmmmmm.... smoke wash....

I started with the additional weapon arms. I sprayed the big 8.8s from the robot unit box attached to the body, as I thought these might have been trickier to spray individually.

I mixed the smoke wash with some glaze medium, (as outlined in the last post on this topic) making sure it was nice and wet; like the pants of a BP executive trapped on board the rainbow warrior with a load of stinky hippies.

I gave them a good blast, making sure that the smoke wash ran into the recesses.

The next step is to do what brush thralls outline in their walkthrough; paint thin, wet coats of white onto the flat, exposed areas of the model, leaving smoke wash in the recesses.

After that I'll be tearing up foam from old blister packs and dabbing on mud/wear, etc.. to make the robots look like they actually walked somewhere.

Dildo time.

Wait, I think I've mixed up dildo and cadbury's feast chocolate ice lolly. I was wondering my my arsehole was frozen after the last post...


Zombie Ad said...

Great work on those walkers!

one day gingers will rule the earth said...

Coming from a man with his own beautifully realised zombie apocalypse board; populated by some of the best painted terrain and minis from that genre, I take that as a huge compliment mate.

You've also been added to my growing list of personal heroes by having a man-cave of your very own!?!

Any tips for painting incursion zombies btw? I want to know how you get them to look so bruised without churning out camp rock-esque blue meanies.